Universities in the UK thrives to Provide On-Campus Learning

This can give a relief to the students intending to study in the UK as the news spread that the majority of the universities are either preparing or ready to provide In-Person teaching in the Upcoming autumn intake.

In response to the global pandemic where colleges and universities around the world are preparing to provide online teaching universities in the UK is preparing to continue with On-campus teaching. In a recent survey of 92 universities conducted by the ‘Universities UK (UUK)’ 89 Universities stated that they are prepared to provide In-Person education in the next upcoming intake. Not only this the universities also said that are willing to give students social opportunities like Outside Events, Wellbeing and Sports activities by undertaking measures and guidelines provided by the UK government & Public Health services.

In an another survey conducted by UUK 90% universities as already unveiled their proposed plan to their perspective and current students and majority of other universities are on the verge of doing it very shortly. Some universities has also proposed to provide extensions from 2 weeks to up to 5 weeks assessing the situation and travel restrictions. The survey also found that the 95% of the universities will also provide additional support to its students such as careers advice, mental health support both either online or offline. Universities will also provide guidance on Travelling to the UK, post arrival formalities and other support that is related to the pandemic.

A good proportion of universities according to the survey will be following dual-delivery of teaching in which some of the modules and laboratory work will be taught on campus. However, it does not means that all other modules will be online as some portions will be taught online while majority of it will be delivered will run on campus.

However, this will impact on the authentic system of teaching as the new proposed plan will be different than the previous academic years. This may create difficulties for the tutors as well as the management if there are loop-holes in the latest proposed system. But the bright side is for the students as their safety is assured, they will be able to be in the country and most importantly it will not harm the Graduate route which is widely known as ‘Post Study Work (PSW)’ visa.

It is very important for the aspirants to note that Post arrival students will have to be Home Quarantine by themself for 14 days according to the declaration made by the government. Following this universities with some conditions will arrange free quarantine facilities for its students either on campus accommodation or outside.

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