Success : The ultimate achievement in life.

Success is the most coveted title that everyone wants to crown their head with but whenever this word brought ups in our mind, it starts forming clouds by thinking about having expensive bikes or cars, being a millionaire or having mansions in our life. But have you given a thought that does these are actually the things which defines that you are successful in life or we have just replaced the definition of success with this image of having a lavish standard of living?

Right from the childhood and early adulthood, children's brain are drilled by judging them on the basis of their performances in the academics or by comparing them with those who are more better than them. They are never taught that everyone has a different definition of success since it is different for everyone.

It has been also seen in the real life that those people who had lack of resources for completing their education or who dropped out from their ongoing studies are more successful compared to those who holds multiple degrees from the reputed institutions or elsewhere. In fact, the formers are the owners of the multinational companies in the real world whereas the latters are hired to work for that organisations.

In this blog, I will take you through the actual meaning of success and not only with what it isn't but also some principles for success.

What is success?

According to Oxford dictionary, success is accomplishment of an aim or a purpose. Here, I would like to familiarize you all with an another term that is "purpose". Purposes of everyone's life are one in a kind.

What would it be for you to feel successful in your life? Take some time to think about it.

Well, as far as I am concerned, success is simply getting out of bed looking forward to the day ahead and later to turn in with satisfaction on the day's achievements even they are small in terms of others and having a good night sleep each and everyday.

Ok ,we've have discussed about what it is. Now, let's dive to understand what it .

What success isn't?

To me, success is not the things mentioned below :

1. Success is not money

As I said earlier, we are made to believe that money is equivalent to success. It is understood that if you have a lot of money than you are successful otherwise, you are considered a failure in your life. Money is the most prominent thought when it comes to talk about success. However, actually money and wealth are just a small slivers of it.

2. Success is not fame.

With the advancements in technology, today the value of success is measured on the basis of likes and comments which individuals receives on their social media posts, especially in the youngsters. Based on the wide range of popularity, it is thought that a human being is successful.

However, becoming successful doesn't just mean to be famous or hitting a big achievement, instead, it means believing in yourself that wherever you are at the moment you are successful and you have to still go a way ahead on this path.

3. Success isn't only being educated.

This is really a debatable notion that whether education is genuinely helpful in making a great career and is the key to a successful future.

Personally, I do believe that education provides plenty of information and wisdom that can make us successful, but I also think that success is dependent on how an individual utilizes his talent and creativity in an efficient as well as effective manner.

One should just follow their passion in life and all others things will eventually be there with the person.

Ten principles for success

• Have a precise desire of what you want to attain in life

• Start taking actions required to attain your set goals.

• Believe in yourself that you are capable of achieving that desires no matter how much you would have to struggle for acquiring that.

•Don't waste your time

•Even if you fail initially on your way, keep a mindset of learning from your flaws and keep on practicing (practice makes man perfect)

• Be prepared to face failures and adapt changes quickly.

• Stay happy in all the situations

• Focus on your strengths

•Never give up

• Have a positive attitude towards every aspects of life.

To finish off, I will say that money plus recognition isn't equal to success.Go after your dreams, work hard, and believe in yourself. In the end, I truly think it comes down to achieving something you've wanted to achieve, even if it's something small. Those smaller accomplishments are just as important as the big ones. And you should pat yourselves on the back from time to time to remind yourselves of that.

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