MY IELTS JOURNEY ( Phase - I) My Experience with Success Overseas

Hello readers, I'm Donali Christian. I started my IELTS journey on 12th September 2020. I still remember that day when I went to Success Overseas for the inquiry. The staff of the institute is very humble and helpful at the same time. Just like every student, I was so worried about which institution I should choose for IELTS coaching. However, the counselor explained everything very clearly that I took admission in Emphasis Batch. Surprisingly, I paid the fees without taking the demo because I was sure that that I'll take coaching from this institution. Though the classes were online due to pandemic, I learned new things from the very first day.

I started attending online Overview Batch, where Sheetal ma'am gave the basic idea of what IELTS is and what it consists of. Moreover, she made the online classes interactive and informative. Hence, I never got bored. I was very active in giving all the answers, which she was asking. In my opinion, the Grammar batch for all the new students is the best facility that the institution has to offer. English grammar was a hard nut to crack for me since I'm a Gujarati medium student. However, Bhavik sir taught grammar so interestingly that I always look for the grammar batch to start. After five weeks, Sheetal ma'am took a short test to see if I was ready to attend the emphasis batch or not. From my knowledge that I received during the classes, I got good scores. Finally, she allowed me to shift to the emphasis batch.

I was very excited to attend the emphasis batch. As I joined the Success Guru Server, I found numerous amenities for students, which hiked my excitement. When I joined the emphasis batch for the first time, Sheeja ma'am took the batch. I must say that she can make things easier. I understood everything in all the classes. In this batch, I received many facilities. For instance, there were tutor desks to solve student's doubts and extra speaking batches to boost vocabulary and confidence in English speaking.

I started attending batches regularly. Every day in the class, Sheeja ma'am taught us new tasks where everyone was taking part enthusiastically. Along with that, Sheeja ma'am also gave me some beneficial tips and tricks to help me score well in every module. I gave extra speaking on the tutor desk. I must admit every faculty assisted me in solving doubts. I'm grateful to all the faculties that they gave me fruitful advice.

After I started getting good bands in daily tasks, I decided to take the exam date. I had a small talk with Sheeja ma'am related to the exam date. She guided me through the procedure. Then I was informed to join Exam-Going Batch. This batch helped me enhance my skills and gave me confidence for the exam. In this batch, I gave Full-Length Tests every day.

In exam going batch, I received all my submitted tasks within 24 hours of submission. Through daily assessment, I could understand what common mistakes I was making and where I was supposed to improve. After giving a few FLTs, the day came! I went to my examination center and completed my L, R, W tests. After one day, I went for my speaking exam.

Finally, I was waiting for my final results to come.


~ Donali Christian

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