Listening To What Tongue Speaks…

According to FDA 93 percent of children eat packaged or unhealthy food at least once in a week. India is standing at 6th rank in the row of consumption of cheese. Although Indian food doesn’t have anything unhealthy but there is no limit in order to add oil or the spices which leads to some serious health issues. In 2019 India has recorded 72.96 million cases of diabetes. A survey was carried out for the students in V V Nagar and it was noticed that it has more than 50 café and several restaurants along with almost hundred of food stalls. Among these, there are only a few such places where you can get healthy food or made like home. This demolishes the health of the student though it doesn’t affect currently but there could be many reasons which may lead to some serious health issues. Majority all the people like to eat outside food but also think of the money they have in the pocket so, nearly half of the population goes for the cheaper stall, café or restaurant which provide quality of food. It has been noted that, food from the stalls are way to better in taste and cheaper than any other place. Here we all listen to what our tongue says and we totally forget about our pocket. For example: a burger from Mc Donalds will cost you 200 rs while you can make it at home in 60-80 rs. This is the difference but somehow we all understand and listen to the tongue. There are some of the famous small scale stalls which have now become a chain in our town as people love the taste even though they have a limited amount of dishes. Indian moms are always complaining that their children never like to eat food made at home although they cook same dish with all the ingredients but still the taste vary.

Sometimes we should question ourselves that are we addicted to the outside food or addicted to follow the orders of our tongue?

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