Let’s contribute….

Humans live in this world and use nature to rely on the resources, we neglect the important fact that nature doesn’t ask for anything in revert. Being a social animal we ourselves are being very stubborn when it comes to conservation or compromise the usage of non-bio deg biodegradable material. Today, in the race of pollution and population pollution is making a harsh effect on nature and even on humans. For many years we all have been using plastic material and dumping it into an ocean or in the soil although we know that it is not going to be emerging into the soil. Due to this, the earth is on the verge of destruction in terms of biodiversity and other living animals. A few years ago, a whale shark was stuck at one of the beaches at Papua New Guinea. A team of researchers had visited the site as the shark was dead un-naturally. When they had observed the anatomy of the whale shark they found 15 kg plastic in its stomach and later found out that the whale shark was pregnant. There are many such incidents that have occurred due to the pollution created by humans. The ozone layer is depleting day by day but no one is taking it seriously and does the necessary steps. The marine life is disturbed and almost all the coral reefs are vanishing and bleached. Although, many task forces are working on the calamities created by humans, what about the natural resources?

How can we contribute?

Start it from your home. Help the helpless people by giving them your nonessential items such as plastic toys. Also, carry a cloth bag whenever you go shopping or to the vegetable market. Try to reuse the sources which you have at your home. Avoid unnecessary usage of vehicles and start adapting activities walking or cycling which will help you to maintain your health. Gardening is one of the major contributions. According to scientists, average human body consumes more than 740 kgs of oxygen in a year and received for free. So why cannot we humans contribute some amount of time and energy to grow the plant and take care of it for a few weeks or months? The only reason to do such a thing is to help our future generations. At least for the sake of further offspring, one must take needful steps towards conservation. Small steps taken by all the people will make a difference. Do not wait for others to start, be a leader, and build the chain.

Let’s help each other and grow globally and protect our environment in a very generic manner.

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