Knowingly Unknown Attractions of Vallabh Vidyanagar

Vallabh Vidyanagar region has diverse ecology and wetlands which carries a wide range of flora and fauna. Vallabh Vidyanagar is widely known for its well recognized colleges and university but it has certainly become a hotspot for the wildlife enthusiasts. It is recorded that this region has more than 80 species of birds which includes both small birds to large birds in which nearly 20 species are migratory. During the winter season the flocks of flamingoes, Grey leg goose, Marsh Harrier along with other small birds like flycather travel across the world to reside in nearby wetlands. Recently Vallabh Vidyanagar has gained interest in the ornithologists as the older resident Indian Grey Hornbill has now started shows their presence since 2018. Vallabh Vidyanagar has one more gem which makes it a hotspot for Parakeets. Due to vast range of trees these parakeets are the permanent resident of the town with more than 25,000 in number. Along with it, Vidyanagar is the only town in India which has digital tree map which can show the name, family and benefits of the tree. This work was done by a well known NGO Voluntary Nature Conservancy. V.V. Nagar consists of some uncommon trees like Calabash Tree Crescentia cujete Cannonball Tree Couroupita guianensis and Caribbean trumpet tree Caribbean trumpet tree. The variety of reptiles are seen during the monsoon season which are observed which includes species like Rat Snake, Spectacled Cobra, Green keelback and a wide variety of amphibians like Painted Kaloula Kaloula taprobanica. These are some knowingly unknown attractions of Vallabh Vidyanagar.

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