Is "Time Management" really possible or is it only a 'matter of discussion'?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

When a word like ''Time management" comes in one's mind , it states a huge topic to discuss. All of us know that " Its neither the money nor land, but its the 'Time'' that is the most precious

resource in universe". Time has to deal with each and every single aspect,all of our activities we are concerned about.

    'Time Management' seems to come in different packaging for different work-ages; i.e School/University student category where he deals with attending classes, studies, assignments and the other one is Professional category where we are meant to manage time for work-meetings and regular check for deadlines. It occurs often to individuals that routine after some period of time starts looking "Super Boring".

    People fail in making "Work/Life Balance" eventually, which adds a long list of problems entering their lives leading them to depression, stress, anger like feelings. They feel like they are losing everything and can't take it long.

  Ultimately a solid solution for this "Proper Framing" of life for both work and family life. Making a proper planned,flexibly adjusted time-table ,what to do what not to,where to donate how much time, all of these things can be properly managed. The valuable output for this vital concern you'll receive is that you can keep track of your activities which add something positive or not as a result what action to perform next. Your big "Stress level" can be solved by this easy and handy solution.

Just make an important note that even if you schedule your entire week in prior time for better handling as I said above, does not necessarily imply that it'd go according to you always - There might be not one or two, but several instances where you can't overturn an impromptu or an urgent work on your table which you became accountable for or say responsible for just a couple of seconds back. This activity is works on efficiency. You put in more and more effort to complete the tasks you made in your week plan, the more will be your gaining from it, the more you can handle your "Time" Asset very well. Great!, this you can make your victory by better managing "time".

    Well thank you for reading and giving your worthful time. Any Suggestions/Queries will surely be responded. Do write it it in the comments.

Ayush Panjabi

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