Interesting and Helpful YouTube Channels that you can follow!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

There is no doubt about the fact that we consume high amounts of information on a daily basis. Most of this information is acquired from online sources like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

While doing this, do we ask ourselves how much of it is actually helpful? If not, then we should! Online information is a whirlpool of distraction where you can easily be misled towards misinformation and unauthentic content.

This is the reason why today, in this blog, we will discuss about a few YouTube channels that are not only authentic but they also provide interesting and helpful information to their viewers.

Since these are difficult times, during such a pandemic, you should look to develop your skills and concentrate on things that matter in life like- your mental health, developing your brain power, exercising, reading, watching something productive, etc.

Let’s get into it then!

1. Learn English with TV Series

For those of you who are looking to work on your English language skills and develop a good conversational vocabulary, I would like to suggest this YouTube channel.

This channel is interesting since it teaches English through various TV Series and Movies. This channel does not only help in speaking, but it also helps to improve your listening comprehension. This channel contains a lot of dynamic English lessons that will enrich your English pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

2. The School of Life

Now, this channel has content that helps people gain emotional understanding and stability, mental resilience and a better understanding of how mind works.

The content here is mainly focused on learning about things through films, online psychotherapy, online classes and a range of their own published books, e-books, games.

Those of you who are looking for spiritual, philosophical, psychological, economic and political theories and concepts; should find this channel really informative. They have a very logical and scientific way of explaining different concepts.

One of its most popular videos is – ‘Why some countries are poor and others rich?’

3. Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell

This channel gives you gripping and thought-provoking content in the form of animated short videos. This makes the information easily consumable by the audiences. With 12 million subscribers, this channel is a leader in producing one-of-a-kind content in the field of science.

It explains different and unique concepts of science in an easy-to-consume format with the help of animation. One of their most popular videos is- ‘Corona Virus Explained & What you should do?’

4. TED-Ed

TED-Ed channel makes educational content and is an extension of TED-Talks. This channel also provides content in the form of animated and engaging videos. This is the reason why these channels and their content are so readily accepted worldwide by all the age-groups.

There is a wide range of topics that this channel covers. From medical concepts, world events and history, interesting facts to scientific terms and concepts; it has videos that explain everything!