The first thing while planning for abroad education that is considered is the overall cost. It is difficult to study abroad without it costing you a fortune. Though, a significant rise in the tuition fees is observed in the UK universities, it is still one of the most affordable places for education due to shorter duration of courses which eventually lowers living cost in the UK.

To begin with, tuition fees for Undergraduate courses in the UK vary noticeably, starting from around £10,000 to up to £38,000 per year and it may go even higher for medical degrees. The UK universities has observed high volume of applications for Postgraduate course for very obvious reason which is a 1 year course duration. The postgraduate tuition fees in the UK ranges from £10,000 to up to 30,000. These fees however are mentioned excluding scholarships. Universities offers international students; number of scholarships and international students can also apply for external scholarships such as Chevening Scholarship. Each university updates on scholarships.

The amount in tuition fees in the UK universities is decided after consideration of factors like reputation of the university, offered course structure, facilities, accreditation, etc. In all the levels, Humanities and Social Science Degrees costs the least whist Laboratory and Clinical Science Degrees costs the most. The tuition fees itself may daunt you but it is very important that an undergraduate course on average lasts for 3 years which in the USA is of 4 years subtracting 1 year of living cost from your overall budget.

UK’s lifestyle is quite executive but it doesn’t cost a fortune to live in the UK. The living cost in the UK is estimated to be £1265/month in London city and £1015/month outside the London city. Living cost includes cost of accommodation, food, travel, utility bills, groceries, entertainment & other miscellaneous costs. After conducting numerous survey the government has derived theses values at maximum. The actual living cost may vary and it totally depends on life style of an individual. UK’s rich accommodation facilities and Transport system is worth spending high amount.

A student in UK on an average pays from £120 to £200 per week for rent. Mostly, rent includes utility bills. Mobile bills ranges from £10 to £50 per month and broadband internet (Wi-Fi) costs £20 to £30 for a month. It is expected to spend £100 to £150 per month for travelling. On an average weekly food bill can be £50 and count £150 approximately for entertainment purposes like movies, pubs, night outs, etc.

As an international student, I always concerned about the recovery of the amount which is to be spent. And the recovery in the UK it is comparatively easier than other countries. During semester breaks students can easily cover the expenses and save handsome amount.

In the end, UK is the country which offers world-class courses with comparatively lower tuition fees and where one can enjoy exquisite life style with lower living cost. The country has a great value for money and it is assured that ever single penny spend will give you certain benefits.

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