‘Blended Learning’ A Safer Way of Studying For International Students!

The world is currently experiencing a global disaster and it has brought worries to students who dream of studying abroad. People now have adapted the chances and are learning to live with the presence of the ravaging virus and so does the universities in the countries like Canada and UK. Canadian Universities has launched an online study plan for a single term for international students while opposite to this UK’s universities believes that it is very important that students should get face to face learning and thus UK universities have established a blended teaching method.

The Blended teaching method gives students the benefits of face to face learning for important modules and practical with ensured safety and the remaining modules will be taught online as they do not includes Lab work or Practical. Not only it will be extremely safe but it will save a lot of time and money of students which they can utilize in their research work and dissertation.

As many would fear to get back to face to face learning; this method may encourage them to continue or start their studies. According to a survey by National Union of Students one third of students feel unsafe returning to studies. The survey of approximately 1000 student’s states that 36% of students does not feels safe at all if they will be taught in only classrooms. Other 28% up to a certain point feels safe and 7% feel that they will be extremely safe.

The NUS survey suggests that almost two fifth of the students presumes danger if the face to face learning resumes in September but 64% of the students are predicting blended learning extremely safe and effective. However, from the survey of January 2021 only 4% students feels unsafe about returning to On-campus learning.

While most of the students expected online learning in September 2020, the blended learning option appears as a boon. Universities are well prepared for launching new teaching model and are more concerned about safety and teaching quality that does not harms the overall student satisfaction ratio.

As the students’ and staff’s safety is at stake both the government and universities are working together to work out the best options in this situation. As many students feel anxious about returning to classroom studies a reassurance from the universities regarding the safety features is expected.

Good news is that according to survey 3 out of 4 students intend to start or resume their studies according to their plan as they feel safe with blended learning option. It can be concluded from the survey that this Blended Teaching method is the safest way to get education and does not harm the students and their career. Also, it is not wrong to believe that this method can bring the revolution in the education system.

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